Founded in 1985 to produce molded foam, Martur is now one of the world’s leading suppliers in automotive seat production. With three factories in Bursa and more than 1450 employees, Martur continues to make new investments in the Kütahya Organized Industrial Zone. The company designs and manufactures seats for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and designs and manufactures integrated fabric and seat structures for the automotive industry. The company provides its services to leading domestic and international OEMs. 


Founded in 1995 to produce slab-stock foam, today Fompak is a specialized manufacturer of foam and interior trim components for the automotive industry. With 800 employees, the company operates from four locations, two factories in Bursa Industrial Zone, and its new, modern production facilities in Kütahya Industrial Zone. The company designs and manufactures passenger car and light commercial vehicle trim components for leading domestic and international OEMs

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