This policy applies to all the units that utilize the Information Technologies network, third party users with access
to the information system as well as service, software or hardware vendors that provide technical support to
information systems.
Polmar Automotive Information Security aims to establish the continuity of information systems with a view to
protecting reputation, reliability, and information assets of Polmar Automotive and sustaining business activities
with minimum interruption; enhance employee awareness on security and employee compliance with security
requirements; ensure third parties comply with security requirements and up-to-date technical security controls are
actively performed, and our company is managed with a risk-focused approach.
Make sure our Information Security Management System is documented, certified and continuously
improved in a way to meet the ISO 27001 standard requirements,
Act in accordance with our Corporate Vision and Mission,
Reduce information security risks that threaten business continuity, and ensure business continuity,
Protect the Holding’s reputation from damages originating from information security and improve the
group’s reputation,
Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the information stored physically and electronically,
while fully complying with legal obligations, customer requirements, operational and contractual terms,
Enhance awareness of the employees and users on Information Security in order to minimize information
security risks, helping them acknowledge their responsibilities,
Identify and evaluate security requirements for the electronic infrastructure, improve this infrastructure by
keeping abreast of technological developments and establish business continuity,
Achieving an acceptable level of security for external access,
Define information security requirements for third parties, customers and suppliers and make sure they
comply with the information security management system,
Protect the confidentiality of critical customer and employee data as well as the information on our strategic
goals, design, production, sales and supply with respect to our Products and Services,
Manage operations by integrating them with other management systems in place with the intention of
detecting Information Security violations and immediately intervening in these violations.
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