The common goal of Polmar Automotive's top management and all domestic and international employees is; In
all stages of product and process design, production and service activities, in accordance with the expectations and
requirements of our organization, our employees, all internal / external issues and related parties; To ensure
compliance with the requirements of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management System and to
continuously improve its effectiveness. In order to achieve this goal, the following principles have been
▪ Maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that is supported by senior management
and adopted and applied by all employees, audited, reviewed, open for monitoring by relevant parties,
increasing Occupational Health and Environmental performance and continuously improving
▪ To comply with occupational safety, environmental and ergonomics targets in product and process design,
production process or important process changes
▪ To control and reduce the amount of all wastes and their effects on the environment
▪ To ensure the protection of the environment within the context of the organization by assessing the effects of
all potential impurities and taking the necessary measures
▪ To minimize the consumption of energy and environmental natural resources by encouraging and supporting
effective use, recovery and re-evaluation activities.
▪ To raise the awareness of all our employees and suppliers by creating occupational safety culture and
environmental sensitivity, to support their efforts in this direction and to follow good practices
▪ To use more recycled raw materials and technology with less environmental impact in product and process
design, production process and all activities as much as possible
▪ Defining clearly defined performance goals integrated into business and risk management plans, monitoring
and reporting relevant indicators for both employees and subcontractors, analyzing results and communicating
with identified stakeholders
▪ To adopt proactive approaches for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, and to implement
national and international practices by complying with all legislation and standards.
▪ State institutions in cooperation with Turkey in the introduction of the Occupational Health and Safety culture,
to support the development of legislation in this regard
▪ To establish continuous performance improvement and safe working culture by establishing effective
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems based on the deductions and risk analyzes obtained from
past experiences
▪ To encourage the application of Occupational Health and Safety rules and environmental awareness outside
the workplace.
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